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Customized processing of aluminum casing for electronic cigarettes, how to achieve durability and aesthetics - XieHuang Metal Hardware


Durable and attractive electronic cigarettes can develop in the market not only because of their internal electronic components, but also because their outer shell is a crucial part. Electronic cigarette aluminum casings are usually processed and customized by professional aluminum casing manufacturers to achieve personalized customization. The diverse appearance can meet the needs of more customers, and the exquisite size, sturdy and durable ensure excellent product quality. How is the beautiful and durable aluminum casing of electronic cigarettes produced? Below, Chifeng Aluminum will take you to learn more.

In order to achieve large-scale and rapid production of electronic cigarette aluminum casings, the first step is for the manufacturer to carry out mold making. With the help of the mold, the shape, size, and dimensions of the electronic cigarette aluminum casing need to be specified to ensure that each electronic cigarette casing is uniform. People who have used e-cigarettes will know that there are some buttons on the outer shell of the e-cigarette, which requires drilling operations. To ensure that the size and position of the holes do not have errors, it is necessary to use die-casting and CNC processing. Among them, die-casting processing can drill some relatively simple hole positions, while CNC processing is to perform some difficult or responsible hole positions. Of course, in the actual processing process, it is natural to choose which one is economical, fast, convenient, and can meet the needs.

Secondly, various surface treatment processes are indispensable, which can give electronic cigarette casings a unique appearance. Common processing techniques include wire drawing, sandblasting, oxidation, electroplating, etc. The effects of each process are also different. The various textures, patterns, and colors we see in daily life are closely related to these.

When it comes to the durability of electronic cigarettes, it needs to be explained by the characteristics of the aluminum casing itself. On the one hand, aluminum alloy material itself is sturdy and can provide good protection. On the other hand, the aluminum shell of electronic cigarettes can transfer the heat generated inside the electronic cigarette to the external air during operation, protecting the electronic components inside the electronic cigarette from being burned out due to high temperature. Therefore, the role of the aluminum shell of electronic cigarettes is far from what we have seen.

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