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What is OEM processing in precision parts processing


In precision parts processing, OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer, referring to the processing performed by one company to produce a certain product for another company. OEM processing usually refers to the customized production of a given item, which is an economically feasible delivery method for many enterprises. The OEM processing process is as follows:

1. Communicate relevant requirements with customers: Before OEM specifies products, it is necessary to communicate with customers about the product requirements and the required quantity and other details.

2. Develop product plans: After communicating with customers, OEM companies need to develop product plans within the limitations of design specifications and manufacturing standards provided by customers, and submit them to customers for approval.

3. Sign the contract and make payment: After the plan is confirmed by the customer, sign the relevant contract and make payment, thus starting the production process.

4. Production and processing: After receiving the payment, the OEM enterprise can proceed with production and processing according to the customer's requirements.

5. Quality control: Quality is checked at any time during the production process to ensure that OEM products meet requirements.

6. Packaging and transportation: After production is completed, the product is packaged, shipped out according to customer requirements, and then transported.

7. After sales service: For any issues in the later stages of sales, OEM companies will provide corresponding technical support and solutions.

In precision parts processing, OEM processing refers to the original equipment manufacturer customizing and processing products for other companies, and in principle, customers bear the production costs and risks. Equipment manufacturers can provide the entire or partial production process according to customer specifications and requirements, and timely carry out quality control and after-sales service for the products produced.

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