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According to the design requirements of the drawings, aluminum alloy with low density and high strength is selected as the raw material.

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Material selection:

According to the design requirements of the drawings, aluminum alloy with low density and high strength is selected as the raw material.

Material inspection: The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the raw materials are strictly inspected to ensure that they meet the technical requirements, and the materials are required to be tested to obtain relevant test reports such as MSDS and SGS.

Blank production: The aluminum rod is melted and extruded to obtain the aluminum profile with the required cross-sectional shape. And the produced profile is inspected.

Mechanical processing: The material clerk receives the materials and inspects whether the materials meet the requirements of the drawings. The technical supervisor formulates the processing procedures according to the drawings, and designs and manufactures suitable fixtures. After the above preparations, the technical supervisor starts to adjust the machine. After the parts are processed, the first piece is inspected. The quality supervisor confirms that the first piece is qualified before mass production. During the mass production process, random inspections should be carried out to avoid quality problems of parts due to other factors such as wear of the knife particles and failure to replace them in time.

Polishing: Polishing tools are used to modify the surface of the parts to obtain the required glossiness. During polishing, the high-speed rotating polishing wheel is pressed against the workpiece, so that the abrasive rolls and slightly cuts the workpiece surface, thereby obtaining a bright processed surface.

Sandblasting oxidation:

The fine particles sprayed at high speed are impacted on the surface of the object to be processed to achieve the purpose of removing dirt and processing the surface. After sandblasting, high-temperature oxidation treatment is performed to increase the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of the material.

1. Cleaning:

First, soak the metal parts to be processed in the cleaning liquid for a period of time to remove oil and impurities, and rinse them in the sink.

2. Sandblasting:

Put the cleaned metal parts into the sandblasting machine for sandblasting treatment to make the surface roughness meet the requirements.

3. Oxidation:

Put the sandblasted metal parts into the oxidation liquid for oxidation treatment, and the time and temperature are determined according to different oxidants. During the oxidation process, pay attention to controlling the liquid level and stirring speed to ensure uniform oxidation effect.

4. Rinse:

After the oxidation is completed, take the metal parts out of the oxidation liquid and rinse them in the sink to remove the residual oxidant on the surface.

5. Curing:

Put the rinsed metal parts in the oven for curing. The time and temperature depend on the different materials and oxidants. A hard protective film will form on the surface of the cured metal parts.

Quality inspection:

The quality inspection process should start from the raw materials, then the mechanical production process, and finally the final inspection of the finished product. Inspections need to be carried out at every stage of the production process to ensure that there will be no quality problems in the product during the production process.

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